The deer belowing:
We accompany you in the observation and listening to the spectacular zeal of deer, which at the beginning of autumn bellow strongly with the intention of attracting females. We will do it in a spectacular place where we will observe without damaging its tranquility.

We leave at dawn, in a place of the Natural Park of l'Alt Pirineu until we reach the observation point. We will see the sunrise as we listen and see from afar the deer howling, with ground-based telescopes.

While we watch, we can drink an infusion Km0 and while we walk we will tell you many things about nature in high mountain.

So, you can come to a very special trekking, exercising while learning about nature.




 Deer belowing + 11 years

28 €  Book now

 Deer belowing (6 - 11 years)

25 €  Book now


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